Greg Prickril

Founder, Prickril Consulting

Greg Prickril has spent the last 20 years helping some of the biggest companies in the world deliver better products and solutions by focusing on the strategic perspective of offering development. He worked as a product manager shipping products at IBM, Microsoft and SAP before opening his own consultancy focused on enterprise product and solution strategy in 2015. Prickril Consulting has delivered engagements in Europe, the US and Asia. Germany and is available worldwide.


The Product Portfolio Process: Driving Growth with Great Decisions

Summary A good product portfolio process helps organizations make strategic decisions about their investments in product development. Many organizations have poorly defined portfolio processes or don’t have one at all. Unlike a typical business performance reviews, the portfolio process regularly brings key decision-makers together to a.) determine if the “right” products are in the portfolio from a strategic perspective and b.) determine if the investment level in these products is appropriate. This lecture will share a host of best practices for establishing and running a portfolio process that can help organizations make a breakthrough in their business performance. Topics Covered What are the goals of an effective portfolio process? How should organizations manage innovation in their portfolio process? Who is involved in portfolio decisions and what is the role of product management? What is the right frequency of portfolio reviews? How should organizations share the results of their portfolio process?