David Zhao

Product Owner of Global Retail Optimization, eBay

15 years product management experience in BI, Big Data and Analytics Platform, specialized in data user experience for self self analytics, data fabric, and data science powered retail optimization, currently working on eBayʼs home grown NLP and ML based augmented analytics solution, and global retail optimization initiative that impacts global inventory at billion dollars scale.


Accelerate data to decision at scale with Augmented Analytics

Enterprise BI has entered the era of the 3rd wave of disruptive innovations - augmented analytics - where data experience leaps from quick visualization to query everything with natural language and gets automated and machine generated insights. This session will walk through eBayʼs journey of creating home grown augmented analytics platform with a full stack team with data experts, software developers, designers and product managers, the adoption of a disruptive solution at large corporation, the innovations in user experiences, and the product way of thinking to create MVP in this emerging product area.