Magnus Billgren
Founder & CEO, Tolpagorni
Excellent Product Value Engineering
Magnus Billgren has been developing and rolling out products throughout the globe in different settings, but always technology intensive products in the B2B space. He is the founder of Tolpagorni Product Management, one of the largest Product Management Companies in the world. He is a founding member of ISPMA. He is contributes in research for Product Marketing, Business modeling, Product Planning and sits on the steering board for university projects. With an educational background in Engineering, Business, Philosophy and Industrial Design he takes on projects from holistic but yet pragmatic point of view.
Simon Zhang
Founder and CEO at GrowingIO
Growth, a Long Way to Go
Simon Zhang is the founder and CEO of GrowingIO. He used to be the senior director of the department of business analysis at the LinkedIn America, created a hundred-member team of business data analysis and data science team.
Lois Wang
Product Manager Lead, Facebook
How Facebook Implements Product Monetization
Product Manager Lead for Facebook App Monetization, overseeing user experiences of ads on Facebook. She’s experienced in innovating new ad formats (such as AR ad for Facebook) and leveraging AI to improve the personalization of Dynamic ads. Before Facebook, she’s the Product Manager for Microsoft Office PowerPoint, and Group Product Manager at Box Inc.
Wen Shaw
Product Manager, Facebook
Practices of product growth in Facebook and Dropbox
Product manager of Facebook Workplace, responsible for searching optimization and user experience. Former Senior Growth Product Manager at Dropbox, was responsible for retention and trial experience. Former product manager at Touch of Modern, Silicon Valley fashion e-commerce, was responsible for advertising channels and product optimization, with revenue of $150 million. 报错
Alice Xiong
Principal Product Manager, Linkedin
How LinkedIn Builds Data Driven Product
Principal Product Manager for Search and Discovery at LinkedIn. Manages consumer search experience across LinkedIn, helping over 600 million LinkedIn members to stay informed, find opportunities, build connections, and ultimate advance their careers. Previously worked as product manager at Airbnb, Motif Investing, and Oracle.
Chenlu Guo
Funding Member, Leader of Intelligent Office Products, Dingtalk
From 0 to 1: Product Design and Practice @ DingTalk
Funding member and senior product expert of Alibaba DingTalk. With over 10 years of experience, he led the creation and growth of many DingTalk products, and helped countless small companies to growth with DingTalk. Now he is the leader of intelligent office products.
Yidi Zhang
Senior Director of Digital Products, NIO
Next Age: Userism
Responsible for the design and operation of NIO APP, official website, small programs and other products. He is the founder of Tencent News Client. ex-General Manager of BITAUTO Mobile Products. Has several mobile products exp. from 0 to 1 and from 1 to 100 million, accumulated rich experience in mobile product planning, operation, R&D and promotion.
Shushen Lu
COO, Xiaohon Technology & Founding member of Wechat
Product System Thinking from the History of Wechat Development
Senior product specialist. As a member of the founding team of Wechat, he has been deeply involved in the construction of Wechat client, Wechat payment, open platform and public platform. ex-Alipay Senior Product Manager. Columnist of Tiger Sniff Network, 36 krypton, Invited Lecturer of Chaos University and Shanghai Jiaotong University. COO of Xiaohong Technology.
Henry Soong
ex-Product Leader, Facebook
Product Sense: How do Facebook PMs determine what products are worth building
Henry Soong is Facebook's recently departed head of product management for China. He founded Facebook's first APAC engineering office, and also built video/creative tools/advertiser growth products that are now standard across FB, Instagram, and Messenger. He is starting a new start-up, and excited about the future of storytelling.
Fan Liu
Senior Product Manager, Meituan
Practices of Internet Advertising in Meituan
Rich experience in product development and management of online advertising ; currently in charge of takeaway information flow advertising products, through marketing promotion services to link takeaway vendors and target users wisely. Worked in Internet advertising and data-related product management at Pinyou Interactive, Baidu, Yahoo.
Yue Liu
Head of Quality Course Product, Netease Youdao
Differential Innovation of Educational Products
Focus on user experience and service upgrading in online education. Run-through efficient online education products to achieve high-speed business growth; build user-side products of Youdao quality courses from 0 to 1; create a Darwin intelligent learning system, using Internet product technology to drive innovation in teaching products.
David Zhao
Chief Product Owen, Global Retail Optimization and Augmented Analytics Platform at eBay
Accelerate data to decision at scale with Augmented Analytics
15 years product management experience in BI, Big Data and Analytics Platform, specialized in data user experience for self self analytics, data fabric, and data science powered retail optimization, currently working on eBayʼs home grown NLP and ML based augmented analytics solution, and global retail optimization initiative that impacts global inventory at billion dollars scale.
Yujie Yang
Chief Growth Officer, Missfresh
Strategic Centralized Growth and Practices
ex-Growth VP at Mobike. Orders grew from 500,000 to 30 million a day and users grew from millions to 200 million at Mobike. ex-PM at Uber and Facebook. was in charge of driver growth, users of "Messenger" growth.
Jianqiang Wang
ex-Stitch fix/Snap Data Scientist
Data-driven Decision-making and Intelligence Products: A Case Study of Stitch Fix
ex-Snap Advertising Technology Director, ex-Stitch fix Data Science Director, Twitter Advertising Group Data Scientist. Own many years of experience in analysis and modeling, including demand forecasting, advertisement click-through rate forecasting, advertisement ranking, recommendation algorithm. Has in-depth studies on data science education, Internet advertising and emerging retail business models. He was a visiting professor at Colorado State University.
Chao Zhang
Head of Airline Ticket Reservation Products, TravelGo
Game Theory in the Process of Commercialization of User-end Products
Head of Airline Ticket Reservation Products, Member of Product Committee at TravelGo. Phase II Student of Stanford Business School Ignite Program. Worked in Lenovo, Ali, Baidu Takeaway and other companies. Has many 0 to 1 innovative products exp., has 68 invention patents and 9 International patents.
Jiang Zhu
CPO, Analysys
Data Analysis Drives Lean Product Growth
Jiang is the vice president and the product vice president of Analysys, who is in full charge of R&D and operation of commercial big data product. Jiang once worked in Lecast, CCTV and other enterprises as chief product officer, vice product president etc.
Jianliang Zheng
Product Director, GF Securities
Internet Product Design in Financial Securities Industry
Chairman of IT Business Architecture Committee at GF Securities. With more than ten years of product experience, he has been engaged in product management, technology research and development management in Tencent, Huawei and Jindie, involving financial transactions, wealth management, AI, SNS, enterprise management digital field.
Jiangmei Kang
Chief Product Manager, ThoughtWorks
Eight Questions to Ask in Initiating Zhong Tai
With more than 10 yrs' experience in product management of large enterprises across industries, currently focus on Lean Product Innovation, ToB Product Innovation Exploration and Design, Platform Product Exploration and Strategic Planning, Management Practice of Large Agile Product Team, Product Design and Innovation Community DnA.
Jian Wang
Chief Consultant, ThoughtWorks
Eight Questions to Ask in Initiating Zhong Tai
More than ten yrs' experience in software design and development of large enterprises and organization transformation. currently focus on the platform transformation of enterprises, micro-service architecture and implementation, service transformation of large legacy systems, agile lean transformation, and the implementation of DevOps and continuous delivery in large enterprises.
Jie Wu
Founder & CEO, Shimo Docs
Business User Growth in Shimo Docs
Wu Jie founded Shimo Docs in 2014. Previously, Jie worked at SAP in Silicon Valley, the world's largest enterprise software services company before returning to China to work as a presidential management fellow under the CEO in the leading GIS professional software company.Jie holds a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and a Master's degree in Computer Science from New York University.
Product Director, VIPKID
Development and Evolution of B2B Product Architecture
Kun YANG is the the Product Director from VIPKID, he just published his new book "Winning in the 2B Software Design" this Jun, and he is the columnist of "woshipm" and "36kr". Kun worked in Baidu and was the cofounder of Memkoo Digital early years, he is the professor of enterprise application design, especially in system architecture design, CRM, datawarehouse and BI.
Qing Gu
Founder&CEO, DTalk
User Insight and Growth Practice in the Age of Algorithms
Was responsible for Ctrip's product and data-driven growth. He has more than 14 years' practical experience in search engine, user behavior and machine learning. He has rich experience in how to drive business decision-making and product growth through massive data mining. He has experience in American League, Netease, Tencent News, Douban, Southern Airlines and GUC. Data-driven consultants and mentors for digital transformation teams such as CI.
Jianping, Jiang
Head of Product, HiScene
Innovation Exploration and Practice of AR Products
In charge of AR products at HiScene. ex-head of daysAR product at Lenovo, owned multiple patents related to AR. Former product management exps. at Aliyun\ Shengda Innovation Lab. Led multiple innovative products from 0 to 1. Had exp. of mature products with 1 billion PV.
Yeqing Yang
Product Partner, Shanma Intelligence
The Way of AI Products: Dancing in Shackles
Product Partner of Shanma Intelligence (formerly Qiniu AI lab). Responsible for VisionMind Intelligent Video Analysis Product System. Previously, worked in IBM, Microsoft and other companies in product design and management, and participated in a number of enterprise-level products from 0 to 1. After joining Qiniu Cloud, was in charge of AI Internet business line. The products she led are listed in Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Innovation Product List.
Yang Huang
Head of Product Operation at JD Finance
Billions-level user growth to Billions-level commercialized revenue
Product operation director of Jingdong Finance mobile terminal. He has operated lots of core products, including undertaking the operation and user growth of mobile terminal from the beginning.
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First Product manager at Apple iTunes, Co-founder & CEO at Kit
Suzanne DuFore
Principal at Explore Insights, Former Head of Consumer Insights at Netflix
Yuan Luo
VP of NetEase Youdao
CEO of ARK Design, Former Head of Product Design at Google China
Wei Yang
Former Senior Product Manager of Google, Famous Investor
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Product Director at Xiaomi
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