Jian Wang

Chief Consultant, ThoughtWorks

More than ten yrs' experience in software design and development of large enterprises and organization transformation. currently focus on the platform transformation of enterprises, micro-service architecture and implementation, service transformation of large legacy systems, agile lean transformation, and the implementation of DevOps and continuous delivery in large enterprises.


Eight Questions to Ask in Initiating Zhong Tai

Zhong Tai, born from Alibaba, as an approach to delivering encapsulated business models in a SaaS manner, currently is a significant Chinese Phenomena being adopted in many large enterprises. While initiating Zhong Tai, product thinking is a key. However, it is quite different from initiating a consumer product. What are the key challenges? How to apply product thinking in a Zhong Tai initiative? Jian WANG and Jiangmei KANG will share their experiences and case studies.