Product Management Summit (PM-Summit) gathers experts from global to discuss the cutting-edge development and innovation of products. 2021 Product Management Summit will bring you 30+ talented speakers with 40+ speeches, covering Product Management, Product Innovation, Operation & Growth Hacking, Startup Product, Case Studies, Enterprise Product Practices, Artificial Intelligence Products, PM Career Development etc. these 12 hot topics. More than 1000 industrial elite peers will attend and share the deep insights. PM-Summit is a must-attend event for people who are product owners, managers, designers, and those playing the product roles. Join us to explore everything about products!
Digital Transformation
Enterprise Products
Product Management
Product Innovation
Product Data & Growth
Product Experience Design
Artificial Intelligence Products
Case Studies
Marty Cagan
President, Silicon Valley Product Group
Keynote Speech:
Marty is currently the chairman of Silicon Valley Products Group. Former Senior Vice President of eBay Products, author of Inspired, the Bible of Product Management. He served as senior vice president of eBay product management and product design, responsible for planning products and services for global e-commerce websites. Before eBay, Marty was vice president of Netscape products. Prior to that, he founded Continuus Software as a product partner and CTO, and was acquired by IBM after NASDAQ went public. During his career, Marty has assumed and competed in many product management responsibilities, such as product management, software development, interaction design, software testing, and engineering management.
Previous Speakers
Marty Cagan
President, Silicon Valley Product Group
Ye Zhang
VP, Tencent Cloud
Gibson Biddle
VP of Product at Netflix
Junhua Yan
ex-VP of Huawei, leader of IPD product transformation
Shuai Wong
General Manager of Ali Feizhu Products
Kun Zhao
General Manager of Intelligent Services Department, Ali Dharma Academy, Father of Ali's Little Honey
Yongfeng Yi
Senior VP of BITA
Genie Lin
Founder of Painted Voice and ex- Product Director of WeChat
Haoyu Fan
VP of Ideal Automotive Intelligence and Systems
Enterprise Cooperation
New product release
The participating companies and partners cover the key decision makers and first-line product workers of the world's top Internet product companies. It is an excellent platform for companies to demonstrate their strength.
Increased brand influence
Gathering professionals in the field of Internet and technology products from around the world, exhibiting companies cover many well-known brands around the world, helping corporate brand display and enhancing industry influence.
Industry contacts
The audience includes product leaders and product team leaders from the world's top Internet companies. They are the core group of people and high-quality contacts in the product field.
Product expert consulting
The world's top authoritative product experts with profound insights in the development and practice of the product field provide companies with one-to-one consulting services and targeted solutions.
Venture capital investment
Well-known business leaders and heavy investors in the field of Internet products attended the event, providing unique insights into corporate business development and venture capital opportunities.
VIP private business social
For VIP users, set up private business social links to provide platform support for realizing business cooperation and high-quality resource docking, and create a new high-quality and efficient business social scene.
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