Product Management Summit (PM-Summit) gathers experts from global to discuss the cutting age development and innovation of products on June.29-30 in Beijing, China. 2018 Product Management Summit in Beijing will bring you 30+ talented speakers with 40+ speeches, covering Product Strategy and Model, Product Management & Methodology, Growth Hacking Application, Product Experience Design, Product Operation Practice, Artificial Intelligence Products, Industrial Case Study, Product Manager Career Development, these 8 hot topics. More than 1000 industrial elite peers will attend and share the deep insights. PM-Summit is a must-attend event for people who are product owners, managers, designers, and those playing the product roles. Join us to explore everything about products!
Gibson Biddle
VP of Product at Netflix
As the former VP of Product at Netflix, Chief Product Officer at Chegg, SVP Product at The Learning Company, and Producer at Electronic Arts, He has lots of experience building world-class products, teams, and companies.He is an adviser to consumer tech product leaders in San Francisco, Boston, NYC, Austin, and Salt Lake City. He also teach graduate level entrepreneurship and product management courses at both Stanford and Dartmouth.
Camille Hearst
First Product manager at Apple iTunes, Co-founder & CEO at Kit
Camille was the first product manager at Apple iTunes, She also worked as the product manager at YouTube and lead product marketing manager at Google. She worked closely with Steve Jobs and Jony Ive, and change music consumption forever by iTunes. She is the Co-founder & CEO of Kit.
Shen Wang
Product Director at Xiaomi
Shen is the product director at Xiaomi, he has over 10 years of industry experience. He used to work at Alibaba, IBM, Baidu and JD, and founded many Internet companies as well. Now he is responsible for product architecture planning, application system integration and erection and implementation of industry solutions.
Zhuohao Wu
VP of AI Institute & Business School Sinovation Ventures
VP of AI Institute & Business School Sinovation Ventures, Co-founder of Wealthbetter & INWAY Design.In 2010, he founded the Innovation Factory User Experience Team and in 2006 founded the Google China User Experience Team (Google’s first user experience team outside the United States).He has a number of product patents for inventions, and he is a well-known practitioner and evangelist in the user experience industry, and a continuous entrepreneur of technology entrepreneurship.
Yuan Gao
Former Product Director of Unity China
Yuan Gao is the general manager at Meituan Automobile Department, product director at Meituan Display-ad. He is focus on platform commercialize technology, the innovation and globalization of product and pattern. He was one of the first product person in China who get involved in procedural marketing.
Xiaoyin Qu
Senior Product Manager at Facebook
Qu is the senior product manager at Facebook. She was responsible for products like celebrity community, video experience and music. She led several products with tens of millions users in intersecting fields of technology and entertainment industry. She also used to work as product manager at Instagram and Microsoft.
Product Strategy and Model
Product Management and Methodology
Growth Hacking
Product Experience Design
Product Operation Practice
Artificial Intelligence Products
Industrial Case Study
Product Manager Career Development
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Previous Speakers
Marty Cagan
President at Silicon Valley Product Group
Bill Yao
Founder of PPTV, Dean of AI Bootcamp, Partner of BlueRun Ventures
Simon Zhang
Founder and CEO at GrowingIO
Hongzhe Tang
Senior Vice President at
Bowen Shen
Product Director at Netease Cloud Music
David Zhao
Global Retail Product Optimization Leader at eBay
Xiangjian Weng
Chief Product Officer at Liulishuo
Guanxiong Wong
Founder of Entry Lab
Yunwen Chen
Founder and CEO of Data Grand, Former Senior Director at Tencent Literature
Founder of Meisha and Product Expert
Chan Xie
Product Director of Pear Video
Shirley Wong
User Experience Principal at SAP China, SAP Anywhere
Tiefeng Liu
Co-Founder & CEO of Dolphin Browser
Feng Jun
AI Product Manager at Pingan Bank
Jun Xue
Founder of Yiqiliu, Former Tencent P4 Product Expert
Qi Zhang
CTO and Chief Product Officer at Aihuishou
Head of AI and Strategy Department at
Zhibing Xu
Author of Small Cluster Effect, VP of Weiboyi
Fox Lui
Jiang Zhu
VP and General Product Manager of Analysys
Yidong Fang
Product Specialist at Alibaba
Hongyang Shi
Growth Product Manager at Mobike
Xian Zhang
Head of Data and Growth at Keep
Kundong Qiu
Senior Data Product Specialist at Alibaba
Yurui Zhang
Director of 360 Search, Former Search Product Scientist at Baidu
Jun Guo
Product Manager at AI Lab of Qiniu Cloud
Junyu Wang
Co-Founder of Qingmang,Co-Founder and Former CEO of Wandoujia
Shengcai Peng
Product General Manager of One Commercial Real Estate Group,Former Product Department General Manager of QingtingFM
Attendee Feedback
The speakers were all very sincere to share their useful experience and perspectives.
QIYI Information Technology
eBay former Vice-president, Marty Cagan, shared his experience based on 35 years industrial application, I benefit a lot.Behind every great product. Keep smart, creative and persist. A good PM always find ways to solve problem.
I obtained deeper understanding of market and industrial trend. In addition, I've explored my thoughts.
Attending conferences, experience the competitors, self-summury, there is still a lot to improve.
Product change the world, we change the product.
Hope for more opportunities to communicate with everyone in such an amazing conference.
Bowen Shen,
Product Director at Netease Cloud Music
I have met many industrial masters in this conference and learned a lot.
Simon Zhang,
Founder and CEO at GrowingIO
I acknowledged much from this well-organized conference, and enjoyed a lot from the brain storm.
Hongzhe Tang,
Senior Vice President at
Thank you to the organizer for this excellent conference!
Founder of Meisha and Product Expert
Really acquired lots of knowledge and information from this superior conference.
Jun Feng,
AI Product Manager at Pingan Bank
Met a lot masters and obtained much from their presentations, looking forward to attending more conferences in the future.
Hongyang Shi,
Growth Product Manager at Mobike
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Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel

Address: 57 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District (Map)


Metro: Line 5 Dongsi Station Exit D Walking Distance 1km

Metro: Line 6 Dongsi Station Exit G Walking Distance 1km

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