Product Management Summit (PM-Summit) gathers experts from global to discuss the cutting-edge development and innovation of products on May in Beijing, China. 2019 Product Management Summit in Beijing will bring you 30+ talented speakers with 40+ speeches, covering Product Strategy and Model, Product Management & Methodology, Growth Hacking Application, Product Experience Design, Product Operation Practice, Artificial Intelligence Products, Industrial Case Study, Product Manager Career Development, these 8 hot topics. More than 1000 industrial elite peers will attend and share the deep insights. PM-Summit is a must-attend event for people who are product owners, managers, designers, and those playing the product roles. Join us to explore everything about products!
Product Strategy & Model
Product Management & Methodology
Growth Hacking
Product Experience Design
AI Product Innovation
Product Operation Practices
Industrial Case Study
PM Career Development
Previous Speakers
Gibson Biddle
VP of Product at Netflix
Camille Hearst
First Product manager at Apple iTunes, Co-founder & CEO at Kit
Suzanne DuFore
Principal at Explore Insights, Former Head of Consumer Insights at Netflix
Yuan Luo
VP of NetEase Youdao
CEO of ARK Design, Former Head of Product Design at Google China
Xin Xu
Product VP of Kuaishou
Wei Yang
Former Senior Product Manager of Google, Famous Investor
Sheng Wang
Product Director at Xiaomi
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