Product Management Summit (PM-Summit) gathers experts from global to discuss the cutting-edge development and innovation of products. 2019 Product Management Summit - Shenzhen Station will bring you 30+ talented speakers with 30+ speeches, covering Product Management, Product Innovation, Operation & Growth Hacking, Startup Product, Methodology From Silicon Valley, Enterprise Product Practices, Artificial Intelligence Products, PM Career Development, these 8 hot topics. More than 1000 industrial elite peers will attend and share the deep insights. PM-Summit is a must-attend event for people who are product owners, managers, designers, and those playing the product roles. Join us to explore everything about products!
Marty Cagan
President, Silicon Valley Product Group
Marty is currently the chairman of Silicon Valley Products Group. Former Senior Vice President of eBay Products, author of Inspired, the Bible of Product Management. He served as senior vice president of eBay product management and product design, responsible for planning products and services for global e-commerce websites. Before eBay, Marty was vice president of Netscape products. Prior to that, he founded Continuus Software as a product partner and CTO, and was acquired by IBM after NASDAQ went public. During his career, Marty has assumed and competed in many product management responsibilities, such as product management, software development, interaction design, software testing, and engineering management.
Ye Zhang
VP, Tencent Cloud
Mr. Zhang Ye has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise informatization and digitization. He has led the planning, R&D and GTM of ERP, CRM, FIN products worldwide and domestically. Recently focus on SaaS, social, mobile and intelligent innovation in enterprise applications. Mr. Zhang Ye was a senior vice president of SAP, responsible for SAP Business One products of small and medium-sized enterprises in the world. He has rich product and management experience. Mr. Zhang Ye holds Master of Computer Science from Tongji University and Master of International Business Administration from British Columbia University, Canada.
Greg Prickril
Founder, Prickril Consulting
Greg Prickril has spent the last 20 years helping some of the biggest companies in the world deliver better products and solutions by focusing on the strategic perspective of offering development. He worked as a product manager shipping products at IBM, Microsoft and SAP before opening his own consultancy focused on enterprise product and solution strategy in 2015. Prickril Consulting has delivered engagements in Europe, the US and Asia. Greg is an American living in Heidelberg, Germany and is available worldwide.
Weimin Wang
CPO, Huawei Cloud
Deputy general manager of cloud application platform services, product leader, chief cloud product expert, one of the founders of Huawei cloud DevCloud and senior DevOps/PaaS platform expert in the industry. Responsible for product management of more than 20 cloud services and solutions, and has rich experience in cloud products and portfolio management. Before joining Huawei, he worked in IBM China Development Center and Ericsson Research Institute for nearly 10 years. He was the technical director of China and the global core developer and architect of IBM ClearCase/Jazz platform. DevOps platform, PaaS platform, Cloud Native, new software engineering capabilities, intelligent research and development and other frontier areas, as well as the construction of the system platform.
Jun Xue
ex-P12 Product Expert, Tencent
Jun has been responsible for Tencent mobile phone QQ, LBS cable positioning platform, mobile phone housekeeper, QQ browser. Operating product innovation and agile research and development of 1 billion users, covering social networking, tools, games, e-commerce, music and other industries. Worked in Tencent, Droplet, NIO, Daily Fresh, Melon Seed Used Car and other well-known enterprises as product coaches. Channel President of Tencent Project Management, founder of Wechat shakes, Boolan agile product mentor, and entrepreneurship mentor in China.
Shushen Lu
COO, Xiaohon Technology & Founding member of Wechat
Senior product specialist. As a member of the founding team of Wechat, he has been deeply involved in the construction of Wechat client, Wechat payment, open platform and public platform. ex-Alipay Senior Product Manager. Columnist of Tiger Sniff Network, 36 krypton, Invited Lecturer of Chaos University and Shanghai Jiaotong University. COO of Xiaohong Technology.
Levi Liu
Executive Director, Morningside Venture Capital
Eight years experience in venture capital and Tencent's strategic investment, focusing on early investment in enterprise services, industrial upgrading, cloud services, big data and artificial intelligence. Investment case: sign up, PingCAP, magic data, etc.
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Product Management
Enterprise Products
Product Innovation
Product Data & Growth
Product Experience Design
Product Marketing
Methodology From Silicon Valley
Artificial Intelligence Products
Previous Speakers
Marty Cagan
President at Silicon Valley Product Group
Gibson Biddle
VP of Product at Netflix
Magnus Billgren
Founder & CEO, Tolpagorni
Simon Zhang
Founder and CEO at GrowingIO
Bill Yao
Founder of PPTV, Partner of BlueRun Ventures
Camille Hearst
First Product manager at Apple iTunes, Co-founder & CEO at Kit
Suzanne DuFore
Principal at Explore Insights, Former Head of Consumer Insights at Netflix
Yuan Luo
VP of NetEase Youdao
CEO of ARK Design, Former Head of Product Design at Google China
Wei Yang
Former Senior Product Manager of Google, Famous Investor
Sheng Wang
Product Director at Xiaomi
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